Supportive and considerate, we're here to help in your time of difficulty.

D.A. Lindsay & Sons are a family funeral directors who offer compassionate funeral services throughout Croydon and beyond.  From simple, quiet affairs to larger, more public events, our family are here to guide you throughout.  We offer:

dal copy reducedFor carefully planned and personalised funeral arrangements, you can trust D.A. Lindsay & Sons Ltd, based in Croydon, Surrey. Each funeral is carried out respectfully and professionally, in accordance with your wishes.

Stress-Free Solutions

Nothing prepares you for the loss of someone in your life. During this upsetting time, D.A. Lindsay & Sons Ltd provide thoughtful funeral services to honour the life of your loved one.

We cover everything, from choosing the right coffin to inscribing memorial stones.

Poignant Touches

Should you require a different or more unique ceremony, D.A. Lindsay & Sons Ltd are here to help.

Our horse-drawn hearses add a touch of distinction to any procession, whether traditional or less conventional. We also organise pipers to be present at the funeral, playing emotive music to uplift the spirit.

In the past, many have requested doves to be released at the time of the funeral to image 3symbolise peace and tranquillity. These additional options are very affordable and help to individualise the funeral ceremony.

image 3Celebrate the life of your loved one with an individualised funeral ceremony organised by D.A. Lindsay & Sons, based in Croydon, Surrey.

Every Denomination Welcome

D.A. Lindsay & Sons Ltd celebrate the vast array of different cultures and ethnicities merging in South London. Our funeral directors adapt their services to better suit the needs of an ever-more multicultural community.

We talk you through the range of options available, making sure to respect your traditions and heritage.

With compassion and sensitivity, DA Lindsay and Sons pay sincere tribute to the life of the person who has died and the connections they leave behind.

Peaceful Transitions

Take the time to arrange the perfect ceremony for your loved one. We have an extensive selection of coffins and caskets, from the more traditional coffins to colourful and personalised coffins. These include:

• Veneer coffins    • Solid coffins    • Ashes caskets    
• Grave markers   • American Caskets

Contact D.A. Lindsay & Sons to request a phone call and speak to one of our family about a funeral ceremony you wish you plan in Croydon, Surrey, or the surrounding areas.

image 4D.A. Lindsay & Sons Ltd design and inscribe memorial stones to commemorate the life of your deceased in Croydon, Surrey, and surrounding areas. Our dedication to putting you at ease and supporting you through this difficult time has secured our reputation as the best monumental craftsmen in the locality.
Unique Headstones

Mark your loved one's final resting place with a bespoke headstone crafted by the monumental experts at D.A. Lindsay & Sons Ltd.

We are highly qualified and have a wealth of experience in designing and creating all kinds of memorials.

Free Inspection Service

At your request, D.A. Lindsay & Sons Ltd assess the condition of your memorial and diagnose whether maintenance work is necessary. We rejuvenate tired stones using precise cleaning techniques and special chemical solutions. Our consultants also straighten and re-secure vandalised memorials to ensure they stand the test of time.


Inscriptions are added to perfectly complement the original style as closely as possible. Our time-served craftsmen employ individual letting techniques so the stone is complementary of your style preferences. As with all of our funeral services, we offer competitive prices in your time of need.

Request a phone call from D.A. Lindsay & Sons Ltd when you require a memorial stone to celebrate the life of your loved one in Croydon, Surrey, or the surrounding areas.